For a long time I’ve suspected one of the lemon trees on Tilleys Hill Farm was a bit different. I assumed it was diseased and needed to be removed. I’m pleased that I wasn’t hasty in my actions and I took the time to do some research because what we’ve discovered is quite exciting.

As it turns out our ‘diseased’ lemon tree is actually a Rangpur Lime. This tree is said to have originated around India and actually has nothing to do with limes. The colour, when ripe is orange, it’s about the size of a lemon and is actually a cross between a lemon and mandarin, making it easily peeled and segmented. The juice is very sour like a lemon, but it has a really interesting floral and honeysuckle aroma.

So now I get to the fun bit – what to do with them. After all, that is precisely what Forage & Feast does! I’m getting overwhelmed with ideas of curds, cordials and Indian lime pickles.

We’ll have them on display at the Wild @ Hart markets in Port Adelaide on Sunday 23rd August and we’ll bring along some experimental recipes for tasting. Please feel free to share any other ideas or recipes with us as the kitchen will be overrun with Rangpur Limes soon!

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