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Whether it’s the produce in our condiments or the Grazing boxes, Forage & Feast champions the use of local growers and producers.

Exploring food origins with Forage & Feast allows you to connect with the source of the food you are consuming. It is our pleasure to work with the producers that grow the amazing produce we transform for you. Read about some of our trusty partners below.

Bishop Orchards – Basket Range (Adelaide Hills)

The Bishop family have owned and operated the family property in Basket Range for over 135 years. The property currently grows over 20 varieties of cherries. Different cherry varieties means the Forage & Feast products enjoy a longer season and a greater complexity of flavour.  The Bishop family property is also the source of quinces, figs, chestnuts, walnuts and green apples used to make Forage & Feast natural pectin. The property is truly spectacular and a delight to visit for harvesting. The property showcases 3 stunning Bed & Breakfasts if you are in need of a weekend getaway. To learn more about the Bishop Orchards or accommodation visit the website by clicking here.

Ceravolo Estate – Adelaide Plains

Forage & Feast sources cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil from the Ceravolo Estate. The Ceravolo Estate comprises two regions; Ashton in the Adelaide Hills and the Adelaide Plains. The olive grove is dry grown and supplies various varieties of olives, which gives the greatest flexibility in blending to provide the best oil. To browse the Ceravolo olive oil or the Italian inspired wines on their website click here.

Ceravolo Orchards – Adelaide Hills

Located in the stunning setting of Ashton in the Adelaide Hills the Ceravolo Orchards is officially my son’s second favourite place in the world (second to Tilleys Hill Farm)! Tony Ceravolo and his family have run the orchards for four decades. And it doesn’t stop with Tony – there is a bright new generation coming through to watch for. The Ceravolo Orchards are where we source our various types of apples and pears.

Tilleys Hill Farm (Brownhill Creek)

Tilleys Hill Farm is the property destined to be the home of Forage & Feast as it transforms into an integrated food experience. Tilleys Hill Farm is the source of the lemons used in many of the Forage & Feast recipes. These lemons were selected specially as the intense aroma from these lemons can gain attention from metres away. The flavour is just as impressive. We also currently forage Rangpur limes, grapefruits, apples, pears, mint, watercress, walnuts, figs, olives, quinces and blackberries.

We’re always looking for wonderful local growers to work with, so if you’re a grower feel free to get in touch by clicking here

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