Three is a crowd they say. It sure is. An Italian beauty has moved into our family and stolen my husbands’ attention.

She is young, shiny, curvaceous, agile and she is ………an Antonio Carraro.

It was quickly evident that a broad acre tractor was not going to work on Tilleys Hill Farm. We have a ‘challenging’ landscape to deal with. So my husband went in search of a tractor that was suitable and it’s of no real surprise that Europe came up with the answer.

The Carraro is the answer to mowing our paddocks, maintaining our roads and tracks and best of all it mulches the ceiling high blackberries like you wouldn’t believe. Although we did discover that it mulches the bunnies as well to the delight of our Jack Russell!

Whilst we’re in the middle of winter the Italian beauty sits bored. There’s little that can be done, given there is water gurgling out of the ground in many spots throughout the paddocks and water is pouring down the hills in streams. So now we play the waiting game for the ground to dry up a little and then my husband can frolic out in the paddocks with his Italian all he wants!

New tractor new tractor mowing2 The italian beauty


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