The size and nature of Tilleys Hill Farm means that we will discover new places for years to come and there are some spots that we will probably never step foot on in our lifetime.

We’ve recently found a new spot that I think may be one of my favourite places on the farm yet. I’m confused about this discovery. I can’t quite decide if I think it’s stunning and peaceful or a bit eerie and reminds me of a scene from a horror movie!


Autumn is definitely the time of year that this place sings. The colours up here are amazing.

The trees and the feeling of this spot are quite unique in contrast to the rest of the property. Furthermore we’ve found some interestingly shaped stones laying around and the remnants of a stone wall suggesting that there may have been a building here at some point.

IMG_2439        IMG_2406

Further up the hill we’ve slashed through the blackberries to see evidence of old fruit trees that may have once been an orchard.

It will be interesting to see if any of the old photos in the Mitcham Historical Society’s collection support our theory of there once being a building here.

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