A great summer is measured by three things: memorable fishing adventures, epic tennis games and above all juicy and flavoursome apricots being plentiful. This summer rated highly.

We were recently doing a photo shoot for our apricot, cardamon and vanilla bean jam when we received a visitor who commented that the apricots had spots on them and weren’t very good. Their opinion changed when we gave them one to try. As they bit in, juice dribbled everywhere and they simply melted by the sweet and intense flavour they experienced.

Our visitor’s judgement did get us thinking about how we’ve been programmed to pick out the impeccable fruit and reject the fruit with a blemish. We’ve been manipulated with supermarket lighting, wax sprays and glasshouse grown produce. Sadly, over time this has come at the cost of the flavour of the produce. We’ve forgotten what REAL food actually tastes like and it’s only when you pick a random piece of homegrown fruit or veg that you have a nostalgic moment with the REAL taste that you initially fell in love with.

So here’s a homework challenge for you. Let’s just take baby steps. When you go shopping next time, be conscious of whether you are being picky with what you buy. Have you been programmed to seek out the blemish free produce and shop pretty?

Remember – don’t judge a book by its cover. Sometimes the fruit that’s not necessarily the prettiest may be the best tasting.

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