On this day 1 year ago I was ambushed by my husband with the discovery of a property that was for sale.

I distinctly remember seeing the wild and derelict imagery that even real estate photography struggled to make appealing and thinking ‘He’s crazy. He’s genuinely crazy.’ On paper the property ticked a lot of the boxes that we were looking for, but looking at the photos scared the living daylights out of me. My husband was blurred with lust for this property and it was obvious that no logic or persuasion was going to stand in the way of making this land ours.

The following 6 weeks were a blur as we rallied with banks and smashed open every piggy bank in the house to make it work.

So one year on, what have we achieved?

We’ve removed 35 tonne of scrap metal and 30 tonne of general rubbish. Sadly this is only the tip of the iceberg and there is plenty more to go.

We’ve begun our weed management plan and made an impressive dent in the blackberries.

The old chicken coop and shed have been demolished and cleared in preparation to build a new shed.

Over 25 vehicle bodies have been removed from the property (including an old UNIMOG!)

The sheep are in much better condition now than they were and are feeding from our hands.

Tracks and roads have been cleaned up and access around the property improved

Do I feel the same as 1 year ago? Absolutely. The property still scares the living daylights out of me but it will be the journey will define us in our lifetime and luckily the discovery of new and magnificent spots on this property reminds us that great things are worth working for.

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