I’ve been describing our property to a number of people and it’s hard to put into words the condition that it is in.

When I tell people that out of the 155 acres approx 60 acres is covered in blackberries, their usual response is ‘Oh, you are going to have so much delicious blackberry jam.’

There’s one minor detail. The blackberries are approximately ceiling height. They have thorns that are about 1cm long and because they’re wild the fruit will likely be woody and not much use at all.

Our conundrum with trying to control them is almost laugh worthy. There’s about 60 acres – so it’s going to take a while, they’re on hills – which makes it difficult to simply slash and they’re in a creek bed – so we can’t spray.

So our thinking is to do our best job at slashing and then fence some goats in to keep working on it for us.

Any suggestions? Blackberry jam on offer in return!!

overwhelming blackberries!    overwhelming blackberries!

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