The olive trees, just like the rest of the weeds around the property are prolific. It will be years of management to reduce them and even then I think it’s realistic to say that we will never eradicate them completely.

It’s seriously demoralising thinking that we’ll get the upper hand on them when we find trees with yields like this below.

IMG_2411      IMG_4128

I’m intrigued by the olives though. There seems to be quite a diversity in the varieties that I’ve found. They range from very small and early to turn black through to larger and only turn black very late in the season.

IMG_2390 IMG_2408

I’m wondering if anyone has any good advise or references that I can use to identify varieties?

I’m tempted to have a play with this seasons fruit. I want to have a go at brining them. I have low expectations of the end result, but I do love a good experiment. Let’s face it, worst case scenario is that I’ve removed a few kilos that might otherwise fall on the ground and re-seed!

My other experiment this year is to dry some of the olive wood, chip it and play with it as a smoking wood in some recipes.

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