July 1st 2013 was settlement day for us and Tilleys Hill Farm.

What a huge year it has been.

We don’t have too much time to sit back and reflect on the drastic difference we’ve made to this derelict land thus far as there is still SO much to do to reach our goals of building Australia’s best integrated food experience with Forage & Feast.

To be honest, we got a lot more done last year than we thought we would. So what does this next year have in store for Tilleys Hill Farm?

Fencing….and lots of it. We have lots of places on the boundary that are compromised and need fixing. We’re drawing up a paddock plan to start creating internal fencing so that sheep shearing is not an impossible exercise and we can manage weeds better by rotating animals through paddocks.

One of the funniest things going around the internet at the moment are goat parkhoar videos. We want our share of the funny things….oh and they’re handy for demolishing blackberries, so once the fencing is done, we’ll look at acquiring some goats.

We’ve received approval for the replacement shed, so we will commence building on that before summer, so our fire fighting capabilities are vastly improved.

With our weed management underway, we can commence planning our paddocks, gardens and orchards and hopefully start planting.

And most importantly……we will commence the planning of the stunning kitchen and building that will house Forage & Feast and Australia’s best integrated food experience!

This year is busy, busy, busy with industry research, planning and getting our hands dirty.

So stay tuned for the ups and downs as we transform Tilleys Hill Farm from ‘derelict to delicious’!

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